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parts surrounding the line of suture with ([uunne and urea hydrochloride. Piy these nieans there has been developed a new oiierative jjrinciple which he terms anoci association. To carry it out requires a careful and expensive technic. A detailed de- scription of this technic in abdominal and goitre operations is given : indicating the universal appli- cation of the principle. The proof of a surgical principle, Crile states, benicar generic name is found in the clinical results of its employment. In its adoption at the Lakeside Hospital, Cleveland, it has been found that there is no longer need of a postoperative recovery room : that the work of the nurse has been greatly mini- mized ; that the clinical asjiect, both in and out of the ojierating room, has been altered. Priciples of Treatment in Malnutrition and Atrophy of Infants. — John Foote believes that if we accept the findings benicar equivalent of recent investigators, we must regard atrophy as a condition in which foods containing even normal quantities of sugar cost of benicar hct and fat are not well absorbed, and are likely to produce intolerance. Rational treatment would therefore suggest a food poor in sugar and fat, but relatively high in its proportion of proteids, to compensate in a benicar hct prices measure for the reduction of these energizing ele- ments — one not unlike skimmed milk, excepting that the latter contains its normal proportion ot sugar. In the author's opinion no food fulfils the conditions so well as albumen milk or albumen butterinilk. Used in twenty-four hour quantities of from one to three ounces to each pound of the infant's weight, these foods frequently tide babies over the danger of collapse and restore tolerance for other foods. Small amounts should be fed at first, and gradually increased, especially if vomiting be present; and, unless the infant is less than a month old, the interval l>erween feedings should be at least three hours. When the twenty-four ounce quantity has been increased to two or three ounces to the pound of body weight, sugar may be added (preferably a malt sugar) until an ounce or an ounce and a half is being given ; but until the infant has begun to benicar generic equivalent gain steadily it is unsafe to give the larger quantity. As early as possible (but not too early) these soured milk foods should be replaced by mixtures of skimmed milk. and. later, whole milk. Cream mixtures are not usually well borne at this time. Months of patient w^ork are often required to bring these infants up to a normal meta- bolic standard. Atony of the intestine accompanies the atrophic condition, so that constipation is apt to result from the increased amount of food. This may be corrected by an increase in malt extract or the use of suppositories. In severe cases collapse may complicate matters, benicar canada especially in very hot weather ; and rapid loss of weight, sunken fonta- nelles, weak benicar discount card pulse, and a very low pulse, with pinched, ashen features, are danger signals. Whis- key, strychnine bv hypodermic injection, salt solu- tion, benicar alternatives and external heat are benicar htc all useful in this compli- cation. The Treatment of Sciatica. — G. A. Young ad- vises that the primary treatment of an acute attack should be diaphoretic. A full hot bath, followed by hot drinks and frequently repeated doses of tincture of aconite, with complete rest, often cut short the attack. benicar hct tablets Aspirin, or full doses of the salicylates may 2qS PITH OF PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE. [New Yoke Medical Journal. also be benicar generic alternative used, benicar savings card and the bowels should be buy cheap benicar thoroughly flushed, preferably with salines, benicar uk for several days. Prolonged hot applications, benicar hcl dry or moist, are of great service. The use of the arc lamp often pro- duces striking results. After the first diaphoretic measures the author has found daily hypodermatic injections of from i/io to i/6 grain of pilocarpine nitrate valuable in sciatica, as well as in interstitiil neuritis. In the more chronic cases he gives the pilocarpine in the evening, and after the injection has the patient sweat between blankets, and then rubbed down and placed in a warm bed. Galvanism generic name for benicar should be used after the diaphoretic measures have failed to remove the pain. The diet should be re- stricted and should be suitable to the ''uric acid diathesis." Water should be given freely, and may also be used in the form of high normal salt colonic flushings. The treatment of chronic sciatica, apart from the correction of adjacent local disease and the buy generic benicar systemic intoxication present, may be summed up under three heads : baths (both thermal and light), massage, and the injection treatment. Per- haps the treatment most in the professional eye at present is that by the Lange-Schloesser method, which consists in the injection of lOO c. c. of O.i per cent, of beta eucaine in physiological salt solu- tion into the perineural sheath of the sciatic nerve. ^'arious modifications of this have been suggested and employed. JOURNAL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH. July, 1013. The Complement Content of the Blood in Malignant Disease. — Ordway and Kellert con- ducted hemolytic experiments with thirty serums, from twenty-seven cases of moderately and mark- edly advanced carcinoma. They conclude that the hemolytic complement of the blood serum in dif- ferent varieties and stages of human cancer is in the majority of cases relatively constant, the amount being practically the same as that found in benicar hct cost health and in persons suffering with certain other diseases. Factors in the Production and Growrth of Tumor Metastases. — Tyzzer takes up order benicar online in his article some very important points concerning sur- gery in malignant disease : Will the growth of the

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