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and The Medical News. A Weekly Review of Medicine. Edited by CHARLES E. de M. SAJOUS, M. D., LL. D. Address all communications to A. R. ELLIOTT PLTRLISHING COMPANY, Publishers, 66 West Broadway, New York. Subscription Price : Under Domestic Postage, $5; Foreign Postage, $7; single copies, fifteen cents. Remittances should buy prozac uk be made by New York Exchange, post office or express money order, payable to the A. R. Elliott Publishing Co.. or by registered mail, as the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregis- tered mail. Entered at the Post Office at purchase generic prozac New York and admitted for transporta- tion through the mail as second c'ass matter. Cable Address: Medjour, New York. NEW YORK, S.XTURD.'W, AUGUST 23, 1013- AfENTAL DISEASES IX THEIR REL.VTIONS TO THE INTERNAL SECRETIONS. Judging from the viewpoint of the general prac- discount prozac titioner, at least, psychiatry — to which might be added its sister branch, neurology — does not afford as great a degree of satisfaction, in so far as thera- peutic results are concerned, as do other specialties. .\n academic explanation of the morbid process sup- ])Osed to be present in a given case is usually \ouchsafed, but the results are in most cases dis- appointing. Modern researches, however, seem to be furnishing a clue to the cause of this buy prozac online no prescription canada unfortunate state of affairs. Defective anabolism through de- ficient oxidation and, conversely, imperfect catabol- ism of toxic wastes, have been known to explain many generic prozac no prescription morbid phenomena of the cerebrospinal sys- tem, hut the underlying cause of these departures from normal metabolism had remained obscure until the marked influence of the ductless glands upon these processes had opened a new field buy prozac online no prescription of study. The intimate relationship between the internal secretions and mental disorders have been em- phasized particularly through the labors of Lloyd -Vndriezen, McLane Hamilton, Laignel-Lavastine. Mobius. Dercum. Frankl-Hochwart. and others. Ill a recent paper {Journal uf the American Mtdi- cal Sciences, August, 1913) the last named writer clearly sets forth the many landmarks which illus- trate this connection. The onset of puberty coin- cides often, as we know, with the development buy prozac canada types of hyperthyroidia, in which excitement and manic out- bursts are not infrequent. The asthenic prozac cost uk stage of the same disease shows the converse of those wit- nessed during the erethic period, viz., a tendency to hypochondria, drifting at times into prozac discount coupons typicJil melan- cholia. Similar depressive psychoses are witnessed in myxedema or in its formes frustes, hypothy- roidia. The tetany following removal of the para- thyroids was shown by Frankl-Hochwart, and others since, to be attended in some instances by psychic phenomena in which excitement predominates. Re- moval of the thymus in young animals prozac price per pill has been found to enfeeble their intelligence — the idiotic ihymopriva of Basch and Klosevoigt. The pituitary body, aside from the psychoses observed in the course of acromegaly and dystrophia adiposogeni- talis, is prozac purchase uk distinctly the source, when the seat of a tumor, of psychic disturbances. Whether these are due to pressure upon the neighboring basal struc- tures or to perversions of the glandular functions, matters little ; an etiological connection between the pituitary and mental disorders is nevertheless an established fact. The adrenals seem also to merit attention, destruction of these organs having been found by Leri to coincide, in three instances, with melancholia. The pineal gland even has imposed itself upon the psychic field, a teratoma of this organ having caused in a five year old child so purchase prozac rapid a mental development that he reasoned as would a young man, with a predilection for ethical and Ijhilosophical questions — a point, perhaps, prozac cost per pill in favor of Descartes's view that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul ! Frankl-Horhwart closes with the remarks that "brain anatomy helps but slightly in showing how higher mental development is to prozac price ireland be explained," and that buy generic prozac no prescription "'perhaps the time will come prozac price without insurance when we buy prozac online no prescription needed shall learn to perceive how much depends on the in- dividual structure of certain glands and on their individual internal secretion." This will occur, in our opinion, only when the functions of each organ will be generic prozac price taken into account in the study of the morbid processes involved — and when the empirical use of organic products will generic prozac have been replaced bv their (.mployment only where actually indicated and in appropriate doses.

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