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^\\\ of prognssiDt ^ittralan. MEDIZINISCHE KLINIK. July 6, 111!. Salvarsan Poisoning and Arsenic Susceptibility. — K. r.raiKieiiljcrg presents a t)ijicai clinical pic- ture of death b\' salvarsan as follrnvs : During robaxin high the first days after the injection the symptoms are not as pronounced. Headache, elevation of tem- perature, ga.strointcstinal disturbance, moderate, flighty nervous irritation, paralytic developments, as double vision, an arrythmic heart ; later, restless- ness, changed demeanor, slight visionary difficul- ties. On the third or fourth day a state of sudden collapse supervenes: deep coma, very severe epilep- tiform cramps, and a peculiar edema about the eyes and lips. It is mostly the young and healthy that are attacked. The autopsy in sudden death from this remedy gives scant satisfaction. The brain shows edema and hyperemia, with or with- out capillar>' bleeding, fresh parenchymatous in- flammation of internal organs, as of liver and kid- ney, at times hemorrhages of the intestinal mucous membrane. According to the author's opinion this is none other than a picture robaxin 500mg tablets of arsenical poisonin.g. These results show, emphatically, a general or lo- cal idiosyncrasy to arsenical poisoning. Comparative Examination of Influence on Body Temperature of Water, Carbonic Acid, or Mud Baths. — R. Schmineke states that for robaxin euphoria prac- tical robaxin 750 mg purposes the mud baths, on account of their iTiild action on temperature, are to be preferred. Carbonic acid baths at 86° F. are more suitable for reducing body heat than water baths of the same temperature, because the specific heat of the car- bonic acid bath is less than that of the water bath. Treatment of Retroflexed Uterus. — B. Francjue emphasizes the importance of treatment for the retroflexed uterus only when urgent indications demand it : indications for treatment are not the rule but rather the exception. Acute Infections during Infancy. — E. Miiller reviews among these: i. The complex infection modernly designated as grippe ; 2, diphtheria ; 3, whooping cough ; 4, varicella ; 5, measles ; 6, skin infections. Scarlet fever has no significance robaxin 500 mg for this age ; the nursling period is immune. F.ven mothers stricken with scarlet fever are permitted to give their nurslings their breast milk. The au- thor considers grippe as being the most harmful of these maladies. IJnder this he classes: i. Catar- rhal fever, especially of the respiratory tract ; 2, enteric disturbances ; 3, the fonns of robaxin 1000 mg severe inter- mittent fever. Lesage's ingenious device against contagion is described as follows : Nurslings are isolated, separately, in what is called boxes, the walls of which are of robaxin 550 mg transparent glass not reach- ing to the ceiling of the room, so as to afford free communication of air above the boxes. robaxin canada Thus the disease germs are kept within the boxes ; they sink to the floor and perish. For fifteen years Lesage has successfully followed this plan of isolating the various infantile infections, except varicella, the germs of which were known to float above the box walls. The author names four important condi- 38(. riTlI or PROGRESSIVE LITERATURE. tions affecting prognosis: i. The constitution of the infant. 2. The method of nourishment before and during infection. 3. Environment. 4. The oJKiracler and severity of the existing- epidernic. Respiration a Mechanical Aid to Circulation. — L. Uobbaner describes the mechanical inlluence of respiration on the systemic robaxin generic circulation. The muscles of respiration act as a motor for the circu- latory apparatus and it is in this respect more ef- fectual than the heart generic for robaxin itself. The intestines and large glands of the abdomen are relieved of venous engorgement by the contractility of the muscles brought about by respiration. Not only is the ven- ous blood of the liver aided in its passage back to the heart by generic robaxin the respiratory act of the muscles of the diaphragm, but the blood is also, by the same means, propelled through the vena cava. The ab- dominal muscles are the most effectual robaxin 75 mg auxiliary to the left heart. These last robaxin 500 mg muscle relaxer aid the return flow from the lower extremities ; peripheral robaxin 750 engorge- ment is relieved in the weakest jiart of robaxin generic name the circula- tion and edema of the lower extremities is eft'ec- tnally prevented. July 13, 19' 3- Arteriosclerosis Occurring before the Age of Thirty. — M. Hirsch discusses the generally er- roneous belief that arteriosclerosis occurs only at an advanced aged. Spastic conditions in childhood are not so rare but what one may also find a spas- tic state of the bloodvessels. The author empha- robaxin 500 si2es the importance of detecting the disease early when the prognosis is favorable ; the word, arterio- sclerosis, will then robaxin mg no longer sound as a death warning to patients. Perrheunal. — S. Zawacki says that as an inunc- tion, trichlorbutyl ester of salicylic acid and the acetylsalicylic acid, when used thrice daily, has never, so far as his observations go, caused the slightest irritation of the skin. In muscular rheu- matism perrheunal was used as a lubricant in mas- sage, and its use was followed by a prompt relief of pain. Most favorable results were observed robaxin brand name on all patients where the salve was used in pains of joints purchase robaxin both rheumatic and gouty.

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